2023 Presidency: PDP Chieftain, Don Pedro Obaseki Gives Reason Why Jonathan Was Defeated In 2015

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member and experienced broadcaster Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki has spoken out as Nigeria’ s presidential election campaign picks up steam to explain why the Goodluck Jonathan- led PDP government was ousted from office back in 2015.

Obaseki, a member of the Atiku- Okowa Presidential Campaign Organization, stated during an interview on CHANNELS TV’ s ” Sunday Politics” on Sunday night that even though the World Bank and International Monetary Trust Fund (IMF) had proclaimed Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa back in 2014, Nigerians were dissatisfied with the perceived slow pace at which the Jonathan government was moving the country forward.

He continued by claiming that Jonathan was removed from office as a result of the All Progressives Congress (APC) being able to harness popular displeasure to cast the PDP administration as being incompetent.

” In December 2014, the IMF and the World Bank recalibrated the Nigerian GDP and announced that Nigeria was the largest economy in Africa. This is a matter of fact.

We all know that at that time Nigerians were maybe angry with the slow pace, or what the APC described as the cluelessness of that particular president. But we all know now that it was all a bandied set of lies packaged to the Nigerian people saying CHANGE, and all we got was a parlous exchange. They said ‘ next level’ and they have now taken us to a level that we never thought we would get to as a nation, ” the PDP chieftain said.

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