2023 Presidential election – Peter Obi’s plans for Nigeria if elected president

Peter Obi’s plans for Nigeria if elected president


Asked when his manifesto would be released, Mr Obi said what he planned to do as president had been practiced during his time as governor of Anambra State, adding that he intends to replicate his achievements in Anambra on a large scale in Nigeria, if elected president.


“How can I hire professors to write or draft policy documents for me that I don’t even believe in? What I did in Anambra and what I achieved are what we will replicate on a larger scale. We want Nigeria to become the engine of production.


“I will assemble the type of people I had in Anambra State. I told them, from day one, if you agree with me in three meetings, you will go. I want those who can look into my face and say, Mr President, you are wrong,” the former governor added.




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