2023 PROMISE: 10 Promises Tinubu Made To South East Business Leaders, Others In Imo

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, on Thursday made commitments to South East business and trade organization leaders.

Tinubu made ten promises during a town hall meeting in Owerri, which is the capital of Imo State, Tinubu told the people of the South East that he would address their complaints and that he would not use segregation in his government.

If elected to office in 2023 according to the former governor of Lagos State, he will combat corruption and solve security issues.

Here is the 10 promise Tinubu made to the drivers working in the private sector and other business executives.

Tinubu assured the people of South East that they would see enormous economic development under his administration, as well as a forward- looking government that would alleviate the challenges of the residents in the region.

If he is elected president of Nigeria, he has pledged to increase the number of available employment, as well as to construct new industry hubs in Aba and Owerri.

Also, the APC candidate said he will expand access to consumer loans and expand the range of businesses that would have access to credit facilities across the region and the country in general.

Tinubu made several campaign promises, including the creation of an economy with an industrial base and more jobs available to young Nigerians, and an increase in the number of locally produced items and merchandise.

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