3 Nollywood Stars Who Are Not Pastors But Are Committed To Preaching The Word Of God

Normally, when the media covers Nollywood stars and their personal lives, controversies often steal the show, but a closer look at their lives reveals that they are far from what the public perceives them to be. Interestingly, while some movie stars appear to devote their entire lives to acting, some are devout Christians. Though they are not pastors, these Nollywood stars are committed to sharing the gospel.

Popular Nollywood Actress, Nkiru Sylvanus

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, better known as Ble- Ble, has never been shy about sharing her faith in Jesus Christ, whether in movies or real life.

As a result of her philanthropy efforts and constant sharing of God’ s word with her fans through social media, most of the actress’ s admirers have long known that she is a fervent Christian. Although, many people are unaware that the actress is also an evangelist.

Famous Veteran Nollywood Actor, Leonard Ewuzie

Ewuzie Leonard is regarded as one of Nollywood’ s living legends. The experienced actor can play a herbalist to perfection in movies, but in real life, as an evangelist, he despises everything charm or voodoo.

The actor spends most of his time when he isn’ t busy making a movie teaching the gospel and, more importantly, urging youths to avoid drugs, crime, and anything that may cause them to miss Heaven.

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