5 Times Tacha’s Outfits Went Too Far (Photos)

Nigerian reality TV star turned actress and influencer, Natacha Akide popularly known as Tacha is still till today one of the most famous names to come out of the Big Brother Naija franchise. Over the years, Tacha has been able to build a very strong following of Titans for herself due in part to her personality, but also because of her “don’t care” attitude which also comes out a lot in her fashion choices.

Tacha’s outfits can sometimes be very daring and bold but sometimes, the outfits go too far for people and it pushes past what they’re comfortable seeing. Today, we’ll be counting down 5 of Tacha’s looks that have caused her to receive backlash and embarrassment online because of how far they went. Without further ado, here are 5 Times Tacha’s Outfits Went TOO FAR. Let’s jump right in!

Tacha’s outfit to the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) in 2020 got a lot of tongues wagging once the picture hit the internet. By all accounts to many people, Tacha went TOO FAR with this outfit showing a whole lot more cleavage than anybody expected to see that night from one person. One user on Tacha’s Instagram page reacted to the outfit upon seeing it on and said “Tacha pls stop exposing ur boobs pls” to which Tacha responding “BOOBS that is my OWN?“

When Tacha uploaded this picture to her social media, people responded about two things. One: they once again pointed out to Tacha that she was showing too much cleavage and that her boobs were practically on full display, and Two: they were astonished by the amount of makeup and body paint on her. To them, it was too much.

Somebody said: “Hmm so the make up aint for the face alone. Just wow” and someone else said “This one reach one gallon of paint ooo!“

If there is one thing about Tacha, it’s clearly that she will show off her cleavage, even in the middle of winter. When Tacha was on holiday in the UK, she posted pictures of herself in a winter coat and a mesh top that once again showed off her cleavage. People thought it was too much for Tacha to be showing off breast even in the middle of cold weather. Others called it “cheap attention seekers tricks”. The comments were harshs with some people saying “Tacha has nothing to offer if she doesn’t show breast” and at some of its worst people called her everything from “ashawo” to “prostitute abroad” for this outfit.

During her appearance on the Big Brother Naija show, Tacha’s gown rode up high while trying to get into bed and unfortunately, with it being live TV, the moment was captured when her pant was on full display. Once again, people had a lot to say with comments ranging from “burnt yansh” to “Glad to know she still wear pants.”

Sometimes when you wear the kind of cleavage-baring outfits that Tacha wears,it becomes very easy and very possible to suffer a severe wardrobe malfunction. This is what happened to Tacha during a live episode of Big Brother Naija when she was dancing in a revealing top and suffered a full on nip-slip which can be seen uncensored here.

Sometimes, outfits go too far and sometimes at its worst it can even lead to slips happening and more.

Of all these, which did you think was the worst?

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