A Man Who Loves You Will Borrow Money To Marry You: Actress Christabel Reveals

Christabel Egbenya, the gifted actress from Nigeria , has recently shared a very divisive viewpoint on marriage.

On her talk show, the movie star discussed how men are really clear about what they want in a partner and will go to great lengths to find one.

She claimed that if a man truly desired and loved a lady, he would even borrow money to pay for their wedding since he had discovered a gem and didn’t want to lose it for anything else.

She said in a section of the video that;

“When a man wants to marry you, he will not delay you. Men actually know what they want. If a man is in love with you and wants to marry you, he will not waste time, he will even borrow money sef, he might not tell you.”

According to Christable, a man is either still getting to know a woman or is uncomfortable with parts of her behavior if he is telling her stories.
“If he’s telling you stories, maybe he’s still trying to know who you are, maybe he’s not comfortable with some of your attitude or character,” she iterated.

Check Out The Video Below:

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