Adekunle Gold Reacts To His Wife Simi’s Most Recent Post On Instagram

The well- known Nigerian musician Simi, who is married to the rapper Adekunle Gold, just recently posted a series of breathtaking images of herself in which she displays her costume in a flamboyant manner and adopts a variety of poses. Simi’ s attire not only made her look incredibly seductive, but it also highlighted the curves of her body.

Simi is able to make a fashion statement due to her one- of- a- kind sense of style, which she displays through her fashion presentation. She is donning a top that does not have sleeves and that has an artistic drawing or painting on it.

The fact that Simi tucked her polo shirt into her pants gave the impression that she was more knowledgeable. Shiny leather was used in the construction of her pants, which are made of a leather fabric. She is sporting a belt made of leather, and it is just stunning.

” Do you, cause am doing you too, ” Simi wrote as the description for her image on Instagram. Her jewelry, shoe, and bag gave her an air of sophistication, which was topped off by her charismatic demeanor. Her appearance, including her makeup and hairstyle, has garnered the attention of her fans who follow her on social media. Adekunle Gold, Simi’ s husband, also shared his thoughts in response to her message. Read some of the comments that were left below.

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