AFRICA FOR YOU! Teenager Dies After Close Friends Used Him For Money Ritual

A young student who is around the age of 20 years has recently passed away after he was used for money rituals by his best friend. The deceased boy, who goes by the name of Nureni Kekereowo was believed to be a Senior High School 3 student who was preparing for the West African Senior High School Certificate Exam (WASSCE).

It was confirmed that he died on October 12th after his best friends, who go by the names of Daniel and Kelvin, had used him for Sakawa money rituals.

According to the parents of the deceased Student, they said their deceased son told them that he was going to his best friend’ s house because they invited him over to come and eat some yam and stew together. So he left home that day and went to their house. When he arrived at their house, they served him some the Yam and stew but they didn’ t eat together, everybody eat separately.

However immediately after he finished eating the food, he immediately slept off. However, when he woke up, he said there was a calabash on his head. He also added that somebody had sprinkled a strange substance on his face.

So the boy decided to return home, but as soon as he reached home, he instantly died.

The parents of the deceased boy narrated saying, ” Nureni said his companions, Daniel and Sunday, called him to visit them, however, he didn’ t answer. At the point when he ultimately went, they gave him food. He said they put something on his head and that was how his neck turned out to be solid and he was unable to turn it. He passed on the next morning after he expressed those things. ” May his poor soul rest in peace.

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