Aisha Yesufu speaks about the implication of the Kuje Jail-break

Aisha Yesufu speaks about the implication of the Kuje Jail-break

Nigerian activist and businesswoman, Aisha Somtochukwu Yesufu, has in a video released to his Youtube channel a few minutes ago, spoke about the implication of the Kuje jail-break.

Aisha Yesufu began by saying that what happened on Tuesday, the attack and the prison break in Abuja, is something that is sobering and thought-invoking of where Nigeria is heading to.


She said she had seen a country where such a prison break happened and the measures that were put in place immediately to recover the escapee because of its implication. She said sometimes, they practically put the whole town on lockdown to get them back, but she has not seen that happening in Abuja now.

However, she said the implication of the Kuje Jail break is enormous. The criminals are out and the victims are in trouble, because you never know, some criminals can go after their victims who got justice from the court to send them to prison.


She gave the example of a 3-year-old girl who was raped, and she got justice from the court, and all of a sudden, maybe the guy was out. How will the lady feel? Will she feel saved?

Aisha Yesufu then advises that come 2023, people should try and vote for somebody that is ready to serve Nigerians.

Watch the video here

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