Baby Found Dumped In Gutter With Note Saying: “Help Her If You Can But Don’t Judge Me “

A very little baby girl around the age of 3 months has been found by a group of residents after she was dumped in a street gutter by an irresponsible mother. The baby was found in the KwaZulu Natal dumpster in South Africa. The mother left a short note which she added to the dress of the baby for the savior to read.

The baby was first found by a man who went to pick some mangoes near a tree that was next to the dumpster around 9: 00 am on Monday, October 3, 2022.

When the man first came across the baby, at first he said he thought he was just a doll but he heard the sound of a baby crying. So he decided to move towards it and look inside the gutter and see what was inside. When he walked there, he saw a baby that was wrapped in a cloth.

The man said he also saw a bottle of milk next to the baby and the mother left a short note where she wrote that she didn’ t have any money to take care of the baby. According to the mother she claims she was rapéd and she doesn’ t have any money to look after the baby. She said the man who rapéd her ran away and she also comes from a poor family.

She wrote the following in a short note:

” Hello there, you may be asking why I dumped my child, please help her but don’ t pass judgment on me. I was rapéd and I come from a poor family. I know this looks bad yet I had no choice. Thank you” .

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