Bandits Kidnap Two Children In Kwara, See The Amount They Demanded As Ransom

Two children have reportedly been kidnapped by armed men wearing army uniforms in the Aseyori community of Ilorin, Kwara State’ s Alagbado neighborhood. Around 12 am on Saturday, the father of the victims, Lukman Aliyu, a scrap metal dealer, was attacked at his home by thugs who fired shots into the air.

Residents reportedly ran helter- skelter as a result of the incident, causing chaos. Later it was found that the three small boys had been taken.

However, one of the three kids was reportedly saved by vigilantes who pursued the assailants while they kidnapped two kids, Quadir, 15, and Muideen, 12, according to reports.

The event marks the third kidnapping in the neighborhood in the previous month. Lukman, the father of the three youngsters, claimed that when the kidnappers arrived, he had just turned off his generator and gone inside to get some sleep.

They threatened to kill me and my family members, he alleged. Five people, including my wife, and I barricaded ourselves in a room, but thugs stormed into the house and kidnapped the kids.

Since there was no public electricity supply, it was pitch black.

Sarat, Lukman’ s wife, was struck in the chest during the attack, the man who said he had no idea how he managed to flee the kidnappers stated.

He claimed that had it not been for the quick action of members of the community’ s vigilance organization, all three of his three children would have been abducted by the hoodlums— who were all wearing military uniforms.

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