Before The Robots Take Your Jobs, Take Theirs

Before The Robots Take Your Jobs, Take TheirsBefore The Robots Take Your Jobs, Take Theirs


That robots are coming for our jobs is no more news. It is already happening. With advanced applications in computer automation, many industries have found a better alternative to human employees.


These computer processes or robots can perform a series of complicated tasks faster and more efficiently than regular employees. Apart from that, they do not ask for days off or complain of fatigue – they get the work done.


As more and more processes get automated, millions of jobs will be taken over. It is essential to know that many of the jobs that our children are preparing and studying for today will go to the robots when the future comes.


Some have suggested that technological revolution be reined to prevent these unpalatable consequences, but it will advance further. The robot takeover is inevitable, but it is also an ocean of opportunities. First, these robots are going to be designed and constructed by humans. They also may not be able to upgrade and repair themselves as many sci-fi movies suggest – it will fall on humans to do that.


So the robots won’t just be taking jobs; they will be introducing brand new ones. This new opportunity is why the Robotics Africa project was conceived. It is time to future proof our education, especially that of our children, with robotics and artificial intelligence so that we can take advantage of a future that is already here.


Visit our website today at www.roboticsafrica.org or call +234 803 947 1950 for more information on finding actual programmes to future proof your career and dreams, access resource for organizations or anything at all about robotics in Africa

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