Ben Simmons Gives the Perfect “Meme Face” When Asked About Philly Fans After Dropping 22 Points vs Wolves

Ben Simmons scored a season-high 22 points. As he finds his rhythm, journalists want to know how he is preparing himself ahead of the Philadelphia game. Well, Simmons’ response should tell you everything.

Simmons was looking good tonight. A performance where he turned back the pages of his NBA career. Although, in this case, the book is rather small and he had to turn back just a few pages.

Ben’s performance has been a long time coming and it is just a salient reminder of his quality. While almost everyone, us included, has been skeptical about his form, Ben is ready to prove that all it takes is trust and faith.

Ben Simmons’ puts up his best regular season performance in 2 years!

Simmons’ performance tonight can be summed up in one word, vintage. The PG excelled at drives and looked like the same guy who was making all-star games in Philadelphia.

His performance has been steady over the last two games and it looks as though the Nets have added a new fulcrum to their offense. Kevin Durant could not be happier.

Even Chris Broussard was on cue to cheer up Simmons. But that is not all that is making waves.

The Brooklyn Nets point guard makes a hilarious face

During his post-game interview, he was asked about if the reception in Philadelphia would be warm and he had the most appropriate response.

And that face will make the rounds till tip-off. And perhaps even after the tip-off.

Simmons was quite nonchalant about the game and it will be fun to see how the match-up transpires.

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