BOMBOCRAAT! Dynamite Blast Kills Two, Others Injured At Abura Tetsi Quarry

A very deadly dynamite blast has recently claimed the lives of two poor individuals while many others have been badly injured and disfigured. The deadly incident was reported to have happened while a group of stone miners was blasting some big rocks and stones with dynamite at Abura Tetsi in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District of the Central Region of Ghana at around 5 pm on Sunday, October 16th, 2022.

Many residents of the town reported that a lot of properties have been destroyed as a result of the deadly explosion and they confirmed that 2 poor individuals were dead while many others are seriously injured. Some of them are so injured to extent that they have lost their legs and their hands.

Also as a result of the radiation that comes from the explosion of dynamite, many of the residents in the town have gotten high blood pressure and some people’ s skin has completely been destroyed as a result.

One resident narrated saying: ” I was in my room cooking some food for my husband when heard a very large sound like an explosion, so I quickly ran outside to see. When I looked, a saw two men lying dead on the floor from a distance and many people shouting” .

The depressed residents have also complained to the government for help because their houses have become passing snares because of gigantic breaks created in their walls. A few structures as indicated by reports have likewise imploded because of the steady impact.

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