BOOM! ! Ayu Receives BAD NEWS Ahead Of Poll As Benue Group Backs Governor Ortom’s Position On PDP CRISIS

Network of Benue Professionals, a group in Benue state has advised the sitting chairman of the PDP to accept the advice given to him by the governor of Benue state in the person of Samuel Ortom.

The Benue state governor had about a few hours ago insisted that Iyorchia Ayu made some promises to members of the PDP which he is yet to fulfill and in other for the PDP to remain united and strong enough to win the forthcoming presidential election, all issues must be solved amicably.

The camp of Wike had in the past, asked that the chairman of the PDP must resign but in response, Iyorchia Ayu declared that his tenure has not come to an end, hence, he has no reason to step down from his position as chairman.

Speaking about the statement of the national chairman, Governor Samuel Ortom had about a few hours ago, attacked Ayu for saying that he would not resign despite making promises to the PDP.

Samuel Ortom insisted that Ayu had in the past, said that he would leave his position as chairman of the PDP happens to produce a presidential candidate who is from the northern part of the country.

In other to find a way to the issues in the PDP, Samuel Ortom gave two options to the national chairman which includes his immediate resignation from his position or apologies to the aggrieved members.

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