BOOM! ! ! Wike Was Betrayed- Months After Atiku Won PDP Ticket, Itse Sagay FINALLY REVEALED Who Betrayed Wike & How

Itse Sagay, a member of the PDP has finally released a statement to make those who do not understand Wike know what made the Rivers state governor angry.

Itse Sagay who happens to be one of the appointed campaign advisers of Atiku Abubakar insisted that only those who do not know Wike or why he is angry would speak badly about him.

Speaking about the Rivers state governor, he revealed that Wike supported the party when the party needed his help and he is not as selfish as made people think of him.

Rather than accuse Wike or call him names, he advised members of the PDP to put themselves in his shoes in other to understand the issues in the PDP and pick a side.

Speaking further, Itse Sagay maintained that Wike has been betrayed by those who he helped when they needed his help. He added that the current governor of Sokoto state, Aminu received the big support of Wike when he needed the help of the Rivers state governor to contest for the position of the governor of Sokoto state many years ago.

Despite the big thing which Wike had done for many members of the party to make them who they are today, he added that the same people have turned around to betray the Rivers state governor.

According to a report from Independent Nigeria, Itse Sagay spoke about Wike and the crisis in the PDP on Friday. He advised members of the PDP against speaking negatively about Governor Wike.

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