Branching out to Meet Women

Branching out to Meet Women

1. Join a co-ed sports team or take a class. The more like-minded people you meet, the greater your chances of those people being or introducing you to the woman of your dreams.[4] Besides co-ed leagues, you might take a class at a community center in an area you’ve been interested, like:

  • Cooking
  • Creative writing
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Stand-up comedy

2. Reconnect with people from your childhood. Having a shared history can form a strong bond between you and your potential future wife. You might reconnect with an old friend or classmate at reunions or through Facebook. Glance through profiles and alumni announcements, see where your childhood acquaintances are, and consider reaching out to a few you think you might pair well with.

Having a shared background, it should be relatively easy suggesting to her that you catch up over some coffee, or maybe grab a bite to eat.

3. Accept wedding invitations. Weddings are joyful gatherings where many invitees thoughts turn toward their own marital status, making weddings a great event to find a marriage oriented partner. Invite single women you meet at weddings to dance, and then when the night is over, give her your card and suggest meeting up again.[5]

4. Meet women through volunteering. Volunteer work has many health benefits, like lessening chronic pain and decreasing your chances of heart disease, but will also put you in contact with like minded individuals.[6] This usually translates to a strong base upon which you can build a relationship and, from there, a marriage. You might find your wife-to-be volunteering at:

  • A community garden.
  • A local community event, like a festival.
  • A community betterment project, like a community clean-up.

5. Go to community events. The kind of events you’re likely to go to will also attract women who hold similar interests. Most people go to these kind of gatherings for the purpose of socialization, which could make it easier for you to find your match. If you are shy and think you might have difficulty going it alone, you might:[7]

  • Meet women at a community cookout
  • Socialize with the fairer sex at local music/art shows
  • Attend community festivals and celebrations

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