BREAKING! 2 Yahoo Boys Kill 40 Year Old Man And Chop His Body Into Pieces For Rituals

Two notorious yahoo boys have recently been caught red- handed and arrested for killing a poor 40- Year- old man called Abdullahi Azeez and chopping his whole body into small pieces to perform a money ritual in the Ogun State of Nigeria. The two culprits were arrested this Saturday, October 8, 2022.

The two criminals who go by the names of Poso Idowu and Abinya Odeh are two notorious yahoo boys who stay in the Ogun state. According to the residents of the area, they said these two boys always flex their money and wealth on social media and they own over 5 expensive cars. They said nobody knew their actual source of money since they don’ t work but were still rich.

The two culprits were arrested at their mansion after the police officers raided their house for a search following the disappearance of a man way back in June. While they were searching their house, they came across the dead and decomposed body of the deceased victim in a freezer and they confessed that they chopped his body into pieces for money rituals.

The chief inspector released a statement saying: ” We invaded the house of these two boys to search for a man who disappeared some months ago. During the search, we found the man’ s dead body and it had been decomposed and chopped into pieces On cross- examination, the suspects admitted that they grabbed the casualty on the eighth of June 2022 at Kobape region, at around 7: 30 pm, from where they strongly took him to the shrub, killed him and chopped his body into pieces” .

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