BREAKING! ! Unlucky Moment For 2 Persons As They Were Arrested While Kidnapping Residents

Two people suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of two other people in the Oko- Olowo neighborhood of Ilorin have been apprehended by the Kwara State Police Command.

SP Okasanmi Ajayi, the spokesman for the Police Command, acknowledged that the arrest was made and stated that an inquiry has been launched into the incident.

At the same time, a search and rescue operation for the victims who were kidnapped is still under way.

According to information obtained by the DAILY POST, unidentified assailants broke into the home of a Muslim cleric named Imam Amolegbe in Ilorin, which is the capital city of the state of Kwara, and kidnapped two members of the family.

Both Alfa Sofiu Amolegbe, son of the priest, and his sibling, one Fasansi, were determined to have been killed in the attack.

They broke into the home, which was on the Oko- Olowo axis of the Ilorin- Jebba highway. To get in, they had to forcefully remove the burglary proof from one of the windows. Once inside, they took the two victims hostage.

According to the accounts, one Fasansi who opposed the attackers received wounds from a knife and gunfire when he stood his ground.

According to the father of one of the victims, Imam Amolegbe, who lives in Dada quarters in the Okelele region of the city of Ilorin, the gunmen who shot Fasansi believed he was already dead, so they left him behind.

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