Chai! ! ! See What Bride’s Maid Of Honour Was Caught Doing To The Groom During A Traditional Wedding

Twitter users couldn’ t stop reacting to the photos of a couple sharing their marriage vows. Judging from the photos shared, you can tell that the couple are having their traditional wedding and the groom seemed to be bumped up knowing he’ s finally getting married to the love of his life.

However, while the bride was captured giving her husband- to- be a flower, a young lady who appeared to be the bride’ s s maid of honour was seen giving the groom a weird ook. In all the pictures shared, the bride’ s s maid of honour couldn’ t keep her eyes off the groom, and this is generating controversies online. The pictures also showed how she concentrated on the groom throughout the marriage vows process.

Meanwhile, Netizens have one or two to say about the pictures. While some opined it’ s the camera angle and the lady wasn’ t focusing on the groom, some people however advised the bride to be cautious of her maid of honour because if care is not taken, the lady might end up snatching the man from the bride. Below are some comments regarding the pictures.

For those who don’ t know who maids of honour are, they are responsible for making the bride look good, making sure her gown is on point and assisting the bride. Basically, this position is only given to the bride’ s best friend or family member. This means this lady must be really close to the bride, and that’ s the main reason why you should trust nobody.

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