Community In Shock As 4 Family Members Die After Eating “Tuo Zaafi”

Residents of the Mopa town in the Kogi State of Nigeria have been left in a state of shock after it was confirmed that 4 residents in their town had mysteriously died after they ate some ” Tuo Zaafi” . According to the residents, they claim these 4 individuals had become very sick after they ate ” Tuo Zaafi” . They even rushed them to the hospital immediately because they could bearly even walk. However unfortunately for them, they were sadly confirmed dead at the hospital.

” Tuo Zaafi” or ” Amala” is a traditional food that is eaten in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, and Zambia. It consists mainly of cassava floor and Oakro soup. The deceased family members sadly include a father, his two daughters, and a close relative of his family that had come over for a visit. They were sent to the hospital on Friday, September 30, 2022, and we were confirmed dead on Sunday, October 2nd.

Another family member said they had prepared the Tuo Zaafi at home using some cassava that had been lying in their house for some weeks.

He also added that it was the father who prepaid the food and he had washed all the vegetables well. He said the father bought some fresh fish from the market that day which he used for the soup. After cooking, he invited his daughters and a family relative to come and eat together.

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