Couple arrested for ‘beating’ policeman in Lagos

Couple arrested for ‘beating’ policeman in Lagos

A couple has been arrested for attacking a policeman in Oluwaga, Ipaja area of Lagos.

A video which went viral on social media,showing where the woman was attacking the policeman.

Newsmen gathered that the couple with their baby were driving a Mercedes Benz car without a plate number, at about 2.30pm.

Three policemen from Ipaja division said to be on routine checks, flagged the car down and demanded to know why there was no plate number on the car.

From the video clip, an attempt by one of the policemen to sit in the passenger’s seat in front, apparently to take the car to the station, was resisted by the woman who sat there .

The woman identified as Mrs Adebayo Ayobami, thereafter, got out of the car, grabbed the policeman by the neck and rained slaps on him. While holding the policeman with her left hand by the neck, she brought out her baby from the car, with the right.

She was heard saying, “ See, my baby is crying, my baby is crying”. She dropped the baby back in the car and continued hitting the policeman.

The policeman almost lost his cool at a point, as he attempted to shove the woman. But his colleague cautioned him against such action. His colleague was heard speaking in Yoruba dialect, “ Fi sile , ema na o ( leave her , don’t beat her )was

Her husband was seen charging out of the car to his wife’s side. He alerted passers-by. Those who stood by bare watched as the event unfolded.

Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said, “A passenger, Mrs Adebayo Ayobami aggressively and disdainfully questioned why the police officers stopped her husband and not other vehicles. She, thereafter, declined to answer any question. In an attempt to get them to the station for further questioning owing to their unprovoked aggressiveness and suspicious behavior, she and her husband, Ayobami Clinton assaulted the police officers.

“The car was impounded. They were arraigned today(yesterday) and the court remanded them at Kirikiri prison”.

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