DISGUSTING! Man Flogged 24 Times For Defiling His Maid 15 Times

A wicked married man in India has recently been arrested by the police after he reportedly raped his house help over 15 times in a row on different occasions while his wife and gone out with his children to buy some things. The married man was arrested and caned by the members of the community for committing such a barbaric act.

According to the man, he said his wife denied him sèx for many months so he decided to pour out his frustration on the maid by raping her repeatedly.

The 34- year- old rapist was condemned to 24 years in prison and 24 strokes of the stick on Wednesday (Nov 16). He conceded to three charges of assault and rape, with one more nine charges thought about.

He can’ t be named because of a police constraint forced by the court to safeguard the person in question. The court heard that the man lived on a level with his better half and their three kids.

The poor, 26- year- old Indonesian maid, came to Singapore to work for the man’ s better half in January 2020.

The casualty was given her room, where she rested alone around evening time. This room was likewise utilized as the youngsters’ playroom. The suspect and his significant other were the casualty’ s most memorable businesses in Singapore, and she at first felt near them and secure with them.

In any case, the man started to feel ” frustrated” since his wife refused to have séx with him.

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