DO NOT TEMPT GOD: This Is How A Pastor Was Killed And Eaten By Lions After He Tried A Miracle

Daniel Abodunrin attempted a miracle in 1991 that was modeled by one he had heard about in the Bible. Abodunrin attempted to accomplish the same miracle as the historical Daniel, who sealed the lions’ mouths when he was placed in the den. He attempted to follow in the footsteps of his namesake’ s prior deeds because he was a prophet. Abodunrin, though, wasn’ t as fortunate in this instance.

Abodunrin had gone to the University of Ibadan zoo in Nigeria on that fateful day to watch the animals on show. People enjoyed to visit the zoo at the university, which was a well- known tourist attraction. Many travelers from around the world were drawn to the area by the presence of various animals and the tranquility of the surroundings.

Abodunrin asked the zookeepers to allow him access to the lions when he first got to the zoo. Nobody gave in to his demands. The red- robed prophet intended to discover another way to approach the lions when guests were watching the animals with boundaries in place. He wasn’ t like the others; he was on a different mission. He made the choice to enter covertly.

Abodunrin desired a reenactment of his namesake, Daniel, who was successfully saved from being devoured by lions in the Bible. He wanted to prove to everyone that he could enter and exit the den safely. His ultimate goal was to demonstrate the strength of his religion.

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