Do Not Vote For Me Because I’m An Igbo Man – Peter Obi

Do Not Vote For Me Because I’m An Igbo Man – Peter Obi

It’s no longer news that the popularity of former Anambra State governor, Peter Obi is growing rapidly.

Since he joined the Labour Party and emerged their presidential flagbearer ahead of the forthcoming election, a lot of individuals and groups have declared support for him.

Just recently, Peter Obi was in Ebonyi state where he addressed a congregation at the ongoing National Convention of the Assemblies of God Nigeria at Okpoto according to a report released by Vanguard.

While addressing the congregation, Peter Obi advised them not to vote based on sentiment but, to vote for competence. According to him, himself and other presidential candidates should be put on a scale and they should be known for who they truly are.

On whether they should vote based on tribal sentiments, Peter Obi said they should not vote for him simply because he’s from the South-East and an Igbo man. According to him, other candidates also should not be voted for simply because they are from the North or the West.

Peter Obi said it is time to vote for human beings. According to him, they should vote for someone who has trust and conscience.

“Do not vote for me simply because I am an Igbo man, don’t vote for anybody because he is from the West or North”

“This is the time to vote for a human being who has trust and conscience”

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