Do Yahoo-yahoo Instead Of Gambling – Seun Kuti Advises Youth (VIDEO)

Seun Kuti, the leader of the Egypt 80 band, just shared a new video in which he explains why he thinks that Yahoo Yahoo, or online fraud, is preferable to gambling.

Seun Kuti said that greatness does not lie in gambling and pleaded with African teenagers to cease gambling and play “Yahoo Yahoo” instead.

The singer who is the son of the late legend, Fela Kuti also asserted that gambling is a ruse created by white people to dupe people out of their meager resources and sell them false hope.

Seun said;

“I’ll never be the one to say, ‘you’re a bad person for gambling’. But I’m begging young African people. See your greatness ehn, doesn’t lie in all these gambling.

“Yes, they’ve made you feel like if you don’t own anything, if you cannot afford certain things, women won’t look at your face. You too that you are a woman, you won’t be able to attract a good man and all that.

“Yes, I understand, but not by gambling. Because in gambling, you’ve already lost. That’s a set up. You’ve lost already. Do the one that you’re in control.

“I prefer ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ to gambling, I swear. Do ‘Yahoo Yahoo’. Do ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ dey go rather than gambling; please.

“Just the way alcohol isn’t our life in Africa but nobody will say anything about alcohol. They’ll keep shouting ‘igbo igbo’ (weed). Why? Because, it’s the whites that make alcohol, finish.

“When we were young the same pastors, people that said gambling was bad, they are now the ones doing endorsement for gambling all over the place. Because gambling is now a white man business.

“All these gambling firms you’re seeing, they are white men businesses. There to extract the little that we have in our pockets. All the gambling platforms, selling you false hope.”

Watch the video below…

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