DO YOU AGREE? Peter Obi & Sheikh Ahmed Gumi Are The Same, One Defends Bandits, Another Defends IPOB- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a Nigerian activist believed to be one of the aides of Atiku Abubakar made a statement on Wednesday concerning the activities of Peter Obi in the past days. He claimed that Peter Obi, the labor party presidential candidate is not different from a Nigerian cleric called Sheikh Ahmed Gumi.

Before now, Peter Obi had insisted that he plans to unite the people of Nigeria and he would do so in 2023 if he’ s voted as president.

He alleged that the challenges or problems of the people are due today to the inability of the government to bring them together and in 2023, he would do his best to bring the people together by all means. He went ahead to add that the Yoruba nation agitators and the IPOB would not be attacked by the government but invited to a roundtable discussion where a solution will be provided.

The statement of the labor party candidate reads in part ” There’ s agitation all over Nigeria. The first question you will ask yourself is, why the agitations? Why were no agitations years back? ”

” What happened suddenly? I will dialogue. I will negotiate. I will plead with all agitators for us to be one family. And start solving it by doing things based on justice. It is injustice and unfairness that bring all these. ”

” There is agitation even in my house. If I do things wrongly my wife will agitate. That is why you negotiate and beg people. You don’ t solve all these things by confrontation. “

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