Drama As Man Storms Home, Apprehends Wife And Boyfriend, Ties Wife To Well And Threatens To Do This Next

A truck driver named Muyiwa Sikiru, who was enraged by the discovery of his wife’ s purported extramarital affair, has publicly degraded the wife by tying her to a well in the Oke- Aro neighborhood of Akure, Ondo State.

It was found out that the husband had gone on a trip for three months, and when he returned, he found out that his wife had been cohabiting with another guy in the house that they shared as a married couple.

It was stated that he worked in another state, but that he chose to live in the Akure metropolitan area with his wife and their son, who is three years old.

According to reports, when he arrived at his residence, his friends and neighbours who had observed that his wife had moved in with another guy alerted him of his wife’ s deviant behavior.

It was alleged that the boyfriend, who had gone to the washroom to take a bath, escaped via the window when he heard the man screaming at the top of his lungs.

It has come to light that the prompt intervention of elderly elders in the neighborhood prevented the husband from inflicting physical harm on the wife for her purported involvement in an extramarital affair.

Later on, they made their case to him, and after that, they brought the couple to the police station to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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