Drama At Shopping Mall As Man Catches His Wife With Another Man Shopping

A shameless woman has disgraced herself in the worst ways after her husband caught her red- handed with another man at a shopping mall in the Delta State of Nigeria.

The woman, who goes by name of Chipo Mavhura was in a shopping mall with her lover while he was buying her new panties and braziers. But unfortunately, she didn’ t know her husband has also visited the shopping mall to buy some items. So while they were shopping, her husband passed by her and he caught her red- handed kissing her lover.

Due to this, he grabbed her by the neck and started shouting and calling her a prostitute. Her lover then quickly ran away after her husband started shouting.

While the man was shouting at the mall, an angry mob came out of nowhere and also joined the husband and they were all insulting his wife. So the angry mob started throwing patches of pure water on the woman and they called her a prostitute.

While pouring water on her, the husband then grabbed her hair and dragged her outside of the small for everybody to see how shameless she was. The angry mob then started pouring sand on her and they were wooing her while calling her a prostitute.

The husband was about to strip her naked but the angry mob stopped him from doing so since it would be a crime. After the woman was severely tutored and sprayed with sand and water, the mob finally left her.

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