EEEI WHAT IS GOING ON? Church General Overseer Commits Suicide Over Brokenheart

What is going on in this world nowadays? A female prophetess has recently committed suicide by hanging herself to death over an alleged broken heart. The deceased woman, who is in her 30′ s was the General Overseer in one of the churches in the Igogoro Agu community in The Enugu State of Nigeria. The sad incident was reported to have happened at around 9 am during a Sunday church service this week.

The deceased woman, who goes by the name of Prophetess Anthonia Okwor had allegedly been having some issues with her boyfriend. Many of her friends claim that her boyfriend wanted to break up with her but she didn’ t want him to. Even though it’ s just a rumor, they don’ t know why she killed herself.

It was confirmed that while they were praying on Sunday, the deceased woman abruptly left the Church building in tears and she never came back. So the church members became worried so they decided to go and search for her. During the search, they found her dead body hanged to a coconut tree in the forest.

Prophetess Okwor, as indicated by occupants who talked with newsmen, was the owner and general overseer of a prayer group at Igogoro Agu people group.

” The said casualty was a Prophetess. She appealed to God for individuals routinely and got them conveyed. Truth be told, she was allegedly facing some issues with her boyfriend. How she chose to end her own life was a major shock to us all, ” the news stage cited the occupant as saying.

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