#ENDSars! ! IPOB Threatens President Buhari With Powerful EndsSars Protest, Issues Warning Ahead Of 2023 Polls

Emma Powerful, the spokesman of IPOB Saturday, released a statement about the forthcoming presidential election. He claimed that many people are not happy about what is happening in Nigeria and soon, they might take a step if the government does not find a way to solve the problems of the people.

A few years after the EndsSars protest which allegedly led to the death of many Nigerians in different parts of the country as well as the destruction of many properties, IPOB has asked the Nigerian government to find ways to do what the people want in other to prevent a repetition of the EndsSars protest.

If care is not taken and the forthcoming presidential election is manipulated to favor who the people do not want in power, he revealed that Nigerians might take to the street and conduct another form of protest that would shake the country.

Without any evidence to back the claims, IPOB claimed that the security agencies are not taking steps to protect the people but rather protect the people, they have committed different crimes that made the people not want to respect or be part of the system anymore.

According to a report from Sahara Reporters, IPOB’ s spokesperson, Emma Powerful on Saturday, claimed that it is clear that the people of Nigeria are tired of all forms of misrule and they need a good government that would give back power to them in 2023 but if the election is manipulated, the people would take to the street.

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