EVIL WORLD! Woman Beats Her Maid To Death And Dumps The Body In A Bush

A very wicked woman has recently been arrested by the local State Police officers for reportedly beating her house help to death and dumping her body in a nearby bush at the Awka town of the Anambra State of Nigeria.

According to some witnesses, the suspect was arrested one week after she had already beaten the poor victim to death and dumped the body. The decomposing body of the victim was first seen by a witness called Gifty. She was able to identify the body and she knew it was the maid’ s dead body.

Due to this, she quickly rushed to the police headquarters and reported what she had seen in the bushes. After making the report, the police officers followed her to the bush where they saw the dead and decomposing body of the victim lying in the bush. The face was disfigured and worms were coming out of the body.

So the witness told the police that she knows the identity of the body. She said the dead body belongs to a maid that used to work for a wicked madam in Akwa town. So they quickly followed the witness to the madam’ s house and they arrested her.

After they arrested the madam, confessed that yes, she was the one who killed the maid. She said that he had severely beaten the maid a day before her death, so she started vomiting, and she couldn’ t even walk. Due to this, she decided to send her to a hospital but while she was on her way, she sadly died she decided to dispose of her body in the bushes.

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