EWOOOOOO!!! You Won’t Believe What A Lady Did Next After Date Revealed He Has Only N200

A Nigerian lady identified as Kemi has taken to social media to share a date experience that she termed the worst in her life.

She said a man took her to Ikeja City Mall in Lagos and they had a conversation for two hours, however he could not afford to buy her food.

She said she became hungry and told him about it but he confessed that he had only 200 naira on him which he offered to use and buy water for her.

According to Kemi, she felt embarrassed so she ordered food for herself alone and this embarrassed her date who began to apologise, saying he just wanted to see her face.

She said that while she was eating, the guy stood up and left her there because she was no longer talking to him. Surprisingly, another guy approached her and they kicked things off as he paid for the food she ordered earlier.

She said he bought more food and also took her to the movies, adding that when they were done he sorted out her Uber fare for her.

In her words; He told me to meet him at ICM, we talked for over 2hours, when I saw that baba wasn’t saying anything about ordering food, I said I was hungry

He told me that he didn’t come prepared, said he only has 200 naira on him that should he get me water. I off

Worst date experience

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