Father Angrily Slaps His Young Son After He Used His Car To Impress His Girlfriend

A young guy around the age of 20 years has been filmed on a phone camera receiving heavy slaps from his angry father after he took his car just to drive to a hotel to impress his girlfriend. From the video, if you take a close look at the man, you could see he suddenly entered the hotel and he caught his son red- handed chilling with his girlfriend.

According to an insider, the father woke up during that early morning and he was on his way to go to work, when he walked outside their house, they couldn’ t find his car. He said he knew it was his son who took the car because the day before, his son asked him to borrow his car for one day to meet a girl at a hotel but the father refused.

So when he went outside and saw the car was missing, he knew it was his son that took it. So he picked a taxi and followed his son’ s GPS location and that led him to the hotel. When he reached the hotel, he saw that his car was parked outside meaning his son was inside.

When he entered he caught his son red- handed so he slapped his face many times. He even punched him and insulted him very well.

When his father saw him, he said: ” Why did you take my vehicle? ” . The person didn’ t open his mouth to respond and his dad gave him a messy slap on the left and right cheek.

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