Father Tells Why He Refused To Take Care Of His Child After He Broke Up With His Girlfriend

A father around the age of 40 years has recently given a heartbreaking story about why he refused to look after his child after he broke up with his then- girlfriend. The man, who goes by the Kwadwo Fordjour claims he had been in a public relationship with his girlfriend Abena for more than a year.

He said the two of them used to live together happily and his girlfriend was the one who provided the basic needs in the house because he was working by then and he was unemployed, but he later found a job. But upon all, he refused to take care of his child.

He said he always knew that Abena was cheating on him but he never confronted her. On one occasion his companion informed him that he saw his ex going out with an alternate man. He stood up to Abena about these allegations yet she denied them. He followed her one night when she went out with her brother, really he found the woman embracing a cab driver in a market.

He had a battle with her unsettling this issue and they couldn’ t determine their concerns they were looking into the relationship so they got isolated. After they separate, he figured out how to deal with his child yet his ex values no cash he provides for her to accommodate the fundamental necessities of their kid.

He even clarifies for her that he doesn’ t acquire much from the steel twisting work he does that is the reason he doesn’ t give how much cash she anticipated from him. Besides this issue, her ex didn’ t allow him the opportunity to remain with his kid while he gives anything the youngster needed.

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