“Find Jesus And Leave Me Alone” Hanks Anuku Breaks Silence After A Troubling . Of Him Went Viral

Hanks Anuku, an actor, has slammed those who write opinion pieces about his mental health, glamsquad reports.

A disturbing . purportedly of the actor roaming the streets went viral, prompting fans to express concern about his mental health.

His colleague Shan George, on the other hand, released a photo of herself and Hanks on set and insisted that nothing was wrong with him.

Despite Shan’s post, some of her coworkers insisted he is not fine and accused her of covering up the truth.

Other Nigerians have also stated that Hanks is not safe.

“Find Jesus and leave me alone,” Hanks Anuku says after a disturbing . of himself went viral.

He has now released a . that he shot today.

In the ., he mentions today’s date and tells people to stop writing garbage about him. He then said, “Find Jesus and leave me alone.”

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