General Haruna: Muhammadu Buhari has neither run out of ideas nor failed

General Haruna: Muhammadu Buhari has neither run out of ideas nor failed

President Muhammadu Buhari has not run out of ideas in the fight against insecurity in the country, a former Army General and federal commissioner for information and culture Ibrahim Bata Malgwi Haruna has said.

Haruna, who spoke in an interview on an Arise News programme said Buhari is not just chief executive of a private sector.

The retired General, who noted that the president is not running the Nigerian state on his own ideas and merit, stated that he (Buhari) is running Nigeria on the basis of the mandate given to him by the electorate since 2015.

He said, “He run the state in accordance with the constitution, in accordance with the law and he distributes orders in accordance with the provisions of the laws and the constitution of Nigeria, not in accordance of decree where the Council of the Military as the President and Commander in Chief will stand paramount like a chief his Kingdom.

“He (Buhari) has no ideas except to promote the attainment of the mandate given to him by the electorate and also to put into effect the provisions of the Nigerian constitution to which he has sworn an oath, in which he is responsible to the people for the exercise of their sovereignty through which he assumed and was confirmed with the powers which he has to exercise.”

Haruna argued that Buhari has, in the last few weeks, regingered the armed forces and security agencies with conferences tailored to redirection of their efforts.

“They are achieving what if they have, in years, been doing in the last few years, perhaps they would have achieved a better security environment,” he said.

He said there is nothing more elaborate emergency security declaration will bring other than the effect in which resources could have been put into if engaged properly.

“State of emergency itself is just a selling point, it doesnt change the orders of operation, the specialities of operations that security forces should engage in as well as change the fortunes of the country in having resources they can put at their disposal infighting insecurity, and forgetting there are other challenges like education, unemployment, productivity to balance against insecurity,” he added.

Haruna said the media cannot be educating the Nigerian people that their president or the system is a failure.

“You don’t see any good in the Nigerian state and we are winning gold in the Commonwealth Games? Let us have faith in our country. Do you think if there was war or anarchy you would be in this state of affairs?,” he said.

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