GH Woman Traveling With 2 Roasted Antelopes Caught At German Airport During Baggage Check

A shameless Ghanaian woman who is currently based in Germany has disgraced herself big time and landed herself into serious trouble after she was caught hiding roasted antelope meat in her baggage at the airport. The woman, who was returning a man from Germany to Ghana was caught red- handed with the roasted Antelope meat in her baggage at the Munich Airport.

The woman said her family members in Ghana have never tasted or seen Antelope meat before. So she decided to sneak some into her baggage and bring it along when coming back to Ghana for her family members and friends to see and taste for the first time. She even added that her family members had prepared some Okro stew waiting for the antelope meat to come to Ghana so that they can add it to the food and eat it with Banku.

While the woman was at the Munich airport in Germany and preparing for her plane to arrive so that she can return to Ghana, a group of security officials approached her and asked her what was in her bag. She told them that it was only her clothes and a bunch of important documents.

So ten minutes after, the security officials announced at the Munich airport that it is illegal to keep dead or alive animals or animal meat in your bag. But when the woman heard, she pretended as if she did t hear it.

So the security officials at the airport told all the people to form a line so they can individually check their baggage by using an X- ray. When it reached the Ghanaian woman’ s turn to pass through the X- ray, the security officials caught her red- handed and that she was hiding roasted antelope meat in her baggage.

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