Gov. Wike Vs PDP/Wabara: Before The Meeting Ended In Deadlock, SEE What Caused A ‘Big’ Disagreement Outside

The PDP Board of Trustees is said to have declined the governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike’ s request to let the media attend a meeting between him and BoT members who visited him in Port Harcourt.

However, it has been reported that the meeting between the PDP BoT Chairman and Governor Wike ended in a deadlock as both parties failed to reach a consensus. See details of this and more below!

SEE What Caused Big Disagreement When PDP BoT Chairman Visited Governor Wike In PH

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, asked the PDP Board of Trustees to allow the media to join a meeting between him and BoT members who visited him in Port Harcourt, but the request was denied, according to Information Nigeria.

During his opening remarks at the conference, the governor made the plea as part of his efforts to end the party’ s dilemma.

In order to prevent factual misrepresentation, he said, he had asked for permission for pressmen to attend the meeting.

Adolphus Wabara, chairman of the BoT, argued that he preferred that the media be briefed after the meeting, and he eventually gave in to his arguments.

Wike said, ” I respect elders, if that’ s what you want I will see to that. But ordinarily, that’ s not the mindset that I had. My mindset is that I want the press to be here because so many facts have been distorted and even when we go out to address the press we may not be able to explain the details to the press.

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