GRAPHIC WARNING! Man Kills His Girlfriend And Her Lover After Catching Her Cheating

A jealous boyfriend has recently taken the law into his hands and killed both his girlfriend and her lover after he reportedly caught them cheating. The young guy, who is around the age of 25 years killed shot both his girlfriend and her lover in the chest for chopping his money and cheating on him. The video will be shown right below for you to have a look and see:

From the video, you can see that the lover of his Girlfriend was already lying dead on the floor because her boyfriend had already shot him in the chest and killed him. The girl on the other hand was sadly crying and begging her boyfriend that he should forgive her, but it seem he didn’ t need her forgiveness. So he also angrily pulled the gun on her and shot her in the chest.

According to the boyfriend, he said he has been dating the girl for more than 3 years and he used to send her 100 cedis every day for her to use the money to buy clothes.

However, it seems despite all that he did for her, it seems she wasn’ t grateful because she still went behind his back and cheated on him.

So the boyfriend noticed that she refused to pick up his calls so he speculated that she might be cheating on him. So one day he followed her whereabouts and noticed that she entered the room of a boy.

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