He always forgets his lyrics – Naira Marley reports to Mohbad’s father (Video)

He always forgets his lyrics – Naira Marley reports to Mohbad’s father (Video)

Nigerian rapper and music executive, Naira Marley has informed Mohbad’s father about the circumstances surrounding his son’s recent social media outburst.

The Marlian Music boss was captured in a leaked tape reporting to the Ko Por Ke crooner’s dad, some of his son’s misdemeanors.

Naira Marley explained that he has talked to Mohbad several times about his addiction to a special type of marijuana known as hemp.

He said that despite advising the artiste to desist taking hemp because it influences some of his misbehavious, he refused to listen.

According to the label boss, Mohbad sometimes forgets his phone passwords, account details and even song lyrics.

He cited an instance of the latter happening, where Mohbad was performing on stage, and forgot his lyrics completely.

Watch Naira talking to Mohbad’s dad below:

Naira’s signee had cried out after landing at the hospital as he accused his boss of unleashing boys to deal with him simply because he requested a change of manager.

According to Mohbad, his manager the brother to the Marlian Music founder and that was why he opposed the decision.

The artiste shared a video showing the injuries he sustained on different parts of the body as a result of the assault.

The Ko Por Ke hit maker claimed that while they were beating him, Naira was watching without stopping them.

He took to his Twitter page and cried out for help, saying that he is sober and not intoxicated so nobody should believe any statement released from the label that he was high while making the allegation.

In a series of tweets, Mohbad wrote; ”Just because I want to change my manager which is their brother, see what they did to me at Marlian House.
I’m not high oo cos that what Dey always say just to die down everything. World pls help me oo. I’m dying inside. I’m at the hospital for a CT Scan for head impact and chest X-ray as a result of the assault.
I had the meeting clearheaded and without any drug influence too. Everything he said on the live video is a blatant lie. This isn’t the first time. The last video was made out to look like I was high or overreacting. My life is being severely threatened.”

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