Headmaster Cries In Pain As His School Land Was Seized And Resold By Okyeman Chief

A poor husband has recently cried in pain after his land that he worked very hard to acquire was seized and resold by an Okyeman. The poor victim, who goes by the name of Mr. Frank Kwadwo Amponsah is the headmaster of Amponsah Memorial Academy in Suhum in the Eastern region of Ghana. He said he wants justice to be served because he feels robbed and cheated. According to the poor man, he said his six plots of land were illegally seized and resold to a different person without his permission.

The headmaster also added that a group of unauthorized individuals from the Okyenhene palace were the ones who sold his land without his permission. According to the headmaster, he said these shameless individuals had illegally seized his land without his permission some time ago, but a few weeks after, he saw that they have sold his land to a different person.

He said he worked very hard to make money to buy this land. He said he even used to push trucks just to make money to buy some land.

As per Mr. Plain Kwadwo Amponsah, his 2 acres of land were bought in 2013 from one Mr. Tetteh Moses and Mr. Oware, the land proprietors for the development of his tuition- based school.

He narrated saying: ” I chose to grow my school to help the Suhum people group so I originally purchased land at Suhum 44 close to Nii Fio, a while later I had a dream to open a college so I purchased one more land at Kabohe close to Obretema, and I began development on the one at Nii Fio, however, I was there one day in Walk, 2022 and the Okyenhene secretary and one Asiedu who is Kwansrahene at Kyebi requested to meet them on the land, so when we met I let them know I’ m the proprietor of the land and I purchased the land to lay out my school and they likewise answered that Okyenhene said every one of the grounds from Suhum to Nsawam has a place with him so he has the privilege to take any land by the street side and that Okyenhene needs to offer the land to an outsider call Adams from Mali” .

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