HEARTBREAK For Tinubu As Primate Ayodele Reveals The Worst Calamity That’ll Befall Nigeria If APC Wins In 2023

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, asserts that if the All Progressives Congress wins the 2023 presidential election, Nigerians will face worse suffering.

Nigerians must be able to recognize the APC’ s desperation ahead of the 2023 presidential election and combat it, according to Ayodele.

At the brief disclosure of his 2023 prophecy, the preacher spoke. He claimed that the incumbent APC is prepared to utilize every trick in the book to win the poll.

In addition, Ayodele claimed that the APC had made a deal with the devil for an electoral victory and didn’ t care about the repercussions.

In addition, Primate Ayodele warned that Nigeria would not have it easy if the opposition parties allowed the APC to win since the country’ s economy would keep deteriorating.

” APC wants to win the 2023 presidential election by all means; technically, spiritually, financially, legally, illegally, psychologically, religiously and everything possible in order to get victory. They are ready to spend whatever it will cost to get the victory, they are very desperate to win the election. They don’ t care, whatever happens, they want to win at all cost. ”

‘ ‘ The party has gone into agreement with the metaphysical, if Peter Obi and Atiku sleep, they will just take it and if that happens, it will be a tougher time for Nigeria. Another APC government is equal to economic kwashiorkor, this is what I have seen. “

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