How I Survived This Hair For Over 2 Months – Toyin Abraham

The roles that actors are assigned require them to make certain sacrifices and endure some physical pain and discomfort. Most of the time, agony lasts for a split second or a day, but in the case of Toyin Abraham, her suffering continued for more than two months.

For her new movie, Ijakumo (The Born Again Stripper), Toyin Abraham had to put on long heavy dreadlocks and had to wear these locks for over two months. On Instagram, she made a couple of posts about it. In one, she said “I had this hair for over two months for IJAKUMO, it wasn’t easy but I’m happy because I achieved my aim🤜🤜🤜” and in another she said “To my people asking how I managed the hair, sometimes I wrap it around my waist or get someone to hold it for me😂😂😂It wasn’t easy but we thank God🙏🙏🙏”

Toyin Abraham is now revealing more in a new interview with Business Day on why she had to carry the hair for more than two months as well as how she managed to endure carrying so much hair about. Toyin Abraham said the following.

During her interview with Business Day, Toyin Abraham was asked “In the movie you play the character Dada Awuru who carries a long dreadlock on her head, and there is a clip of the making of the movie showing you moving around with the hair as one of your assistants help you hold the hair. How difficult was it to keep that appearance and for how long?” She responded:

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