“I Charge Ghs1000 For A Night And Ghs700 For 1 Round” Hóokup Girl With A Mánhöód Tells

An intèrséx hôokup girl that was only born with manhood has explained how she charges her clients before she has intimacy with them. The lady who goes by the name of ” Akua Special” claims it’ s not easy being a woman that was born with a pénis.

Akua Special said there are certain times where when she enters the room and takes off her clothes, her client runs away or sacks her because they have not ever seen a woman that has a pénis before. She said her business sometimes doesn’ t make her a lot of money.

During a conversation with SVTV Africa, Afia Special uncovered that she turned into a hookup young lady since the country has become very hard with no money anywhere.

Nonetheless, Afia referenced that she loathes what she does yet just participates in it for the cash. As per her, she makes GHS1000 for an evening.

” If you have any desire to go through the night with me, it’ s GHS1000. I charge GHS700 for a round and GHS900 for two rounds. On the off chance that the client doesn’ t a condom, I take an extra GHS100 for the Irish” , she uncovered.

Afia demonstrated that despite the dangers implied, she likes to meet clients in a hotel she picks. She added she ” doesn’ t go when I feel like the individual is terrible. That is me, and it works for me” .

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