“I Had S£x With My Own Son And He Was Able To Satisfy Me”- Mother Confesses

A shameless mother from Ghana has recently made a shocking revelation that has gotten many people talking on the internet. According this woman, she explained that she was a very high sex addict. She said she couldn’ t even go one full day without sleeping with someone. So due to her sèx addiction, she had no choice but to sleep with her very own son to satisfy her. She also surprisingly said that her son was able to satisfy her.

The shameless woman narrated everything during an interview with a YouTube channel called Vibes. The lady, who is around the age of 45 years says she is a divorced woman. She said she stays with her 18- year- old son in a single- room house in Accra.

According to the lady, she said he had a sèx addiction. Due to this, she always brings a man into their house and has sèx with him. Since their house was a single room, she always has sèx with the men right in front of her son.

So she narrated that one day, one of her boyfriends had been rejecting her. She said she called her boyfriend many times that evening that he should come to her house and have séx with her but the man didn’ t pick up. She has she was very horny and séxually aroused that evening.

So she saw her son had just taken a bath and his towel mistakenly fell, so he saw the size of his mànhöód and she was amazed. Since he was already horny that evening, he moved towards him and started touching him.

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