“I Sleep With My Son Every Wednesday To Be Richer”- Mother Shockingly Confesses

A desperate mother from South Sudan has recently given a shocking story about how she always has sex with her son every week for him to keep making money. The woman who is around the age of 45 years, and goes by the name of Ajak, claims her son is a Yahoo boy that performs rituals for him to make money.

The woman sadly explained that she has had sèx with her son for 14 years. She said they have séx every Wednesday at dawn. She said her son told her that if she stops having sèx with him, then he will instantly lose all his money and die.

The woman has confessed to many pastors that she wants to stop but she is scared because she knows as soon as she stops, her son will die. The lady added that one of her son’ s friends who was also a Yahoo had mysteriously passed away last week after he forgot to also sleep with his mother. She said her son has 4 friends who are all in the Yahoo ritual business and they all have to have séx with their respective parents to make money.

Despite knowing all of this, she still went on with the sëxual relationship with the child for his life and riches.

Admitting to the media, she said, ” I have been having sèx with my child, Abel starting around 2002. He had quite recently begun his transportation business, which has now developed massively. He presently possesses an many ferrari cars, many big mansions, and other little vehicles. “

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