IPOB asks ESN to go after Ebubeagu members

IPOB asks ESN to go after Ebubeagu members

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has declared war against the Ebubeagu security outfit over what it termed countless massacres of its people, particularly in Imo state.

It alleged that the security outfit comprised a mixture of South-South militants, bandits and some notorious criminal Igbo boys with aim of harassing, intimidating and repopulating innocent youths in the area.

In a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, IPOB declared members of Ebubeagu, persona non-granta in Igboland.

It gave a marching order to its security outfit, Eastern Security Network (ESN) to go after the group and stop them from further killings.

The statement reads in part: “IPOB is very much aware that the murderous members of Ebubeagu were drafted from militants from the Coastal part of Biafra (South South), bandits and some notorious criminal Igbo boys.

“The objective for the creation of this murderous outfit is not to stop criminal activities but to harass, intimidate and depopulate innocent Igbo youths, which they have been doing unchallenged for a while now. This evil outfit conduct illegal arrest of people and extort hundreds of thousands of Naira as ransom before their hapless victims are freed.

“Those who are not able to raise the thousands demanded of them for their freedom are killed. This murderous militia take as much as N500,000 from their unfortunate victims. We have evidences of those they extorted to bail themselves with such exorbitant amount before they were freed.

“IPOB have responsibility to defend our people and our land against invading terrorists. We are therefore declaring every Ebubeagu member a persona non-grata in Igboland. Going forward, IPOB Leadership has given a matching order to ESN volunteers to go after the murderous Ebubeagu group and stop them from killing our people.

“Few weeks ago, the Ebubeagu militias murdered 14 innocent Imo youths coming back from traditional wedding in Awo-Mmamma.

“We want to remind Hope Uzodinma that IPOB has a social contract to secure our people’s lives and property. Therefore, going forward ESN has the responsibility to stop your murderous Ebubeagu from further maiming, and killing of our people and destroying their properties. That we shall do by the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama.”

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