JUNGLE JUSTICE! Drama As Thief Hides Under A Bus To Escape From Being Lynched

A shameless thief who was nabbed by an angry mob for stealing a car battery was spotted hiding under a bus to escape from being lynched by the angry mob. The man was receiving serious beatings from the angry mob when he luckily escaped and entered the under of a bus.

From the video, you can see that the thief was lying on the ground heavily injured. There were also many people standing beside the mob and some of them were holding sticks and they were angrily beating the thief as if he was a goat.

According to one of the witnesses who saw the whole incident, they claim that the thief was a resident in the same area and worked as a Trotro mate. However, according to the witness, she said he stopped working as a mate some months ago.

So on the day the incident happened, they saw that this shameless guy was loitering around the place but nobody knew what he was doing or planning. Also, somebody had packed a brand new Toyota car near the roadside.

Just then, the Trotro mate moved towards the car and he was looking at it weirdly. So the witness knew that he was planning something bad. So the guy opened the car’ s front compartment and he was about to remove the battery.

So the woman started shouting and yelling. So many people surrounded the guy and asked him what he was trying to do. So he tried escaping but the angry mob grabbed him and started landing punching him in the face.

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