JUST IN!!! Nigerian Socialite, Amelia Pounds, Dies While Allegedly Undergoing Buttocks Enlargement

Amelia Pounds, a 28-year-old Nigerian businesswoman and socialite, died in New Delhi, India, as a result of complications during liposuction surgery.

She died on Friday, October 7, 2022, according to reports.

Although it is unknown what caused the complications, she was said to have died while being operated on at the hospital.

The doctor was heard apologizing to her in a video shot shortly after she died.

In a related news, Nigerian celebrities are reacting to the death of a young Nigerian lady, Port Harcourt influencer identified as Crystabel who died in Lagos hospital during body enhancement.

A friend of the deceased @poshcupcake who broke the news on Twitter had revealed to Nigerians that the hospital kept mute on her friend’s death after a failed plastic surgery.

According to her, the family of the young lady were only informed about her death days after they visited the hospital to ask about her whereabouts.

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